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Lawyers real estate law in Palma de Mallorca and Balearic Islands

Legal services in real estate law with presence in Palma de Mallorca and assistance throughout Spain. We provide our legal services in Spanish, English and German.

At Diana Diaz Asoaciados we pay special attention to the area of real estate law in Palma de Mallorca and the Balearic Islands. Real estate law is a specific area of the practice of law that primarily regulates real estate transactions.

Following the construction boom of the 1970s in the Balearic Islands, the real estate market has increased exponentially. Nowadays, it is a niche of opportunities for all those who wish to invest their wealth safely.

At Diana Díaz Asociados we are aware of the importance of the Balearic Islands and Mallorca for foreign and local investment. For this reason, we provide our legal services for both individuals and companies in Spanish, English and German.

Sale and purchase of Real Estate in Mallorca

Our team is highly qualified to advise you on the purchase and sale of all types of real estate (office buildings, industrial buildings, retirement homes, golf courses…), with a very specific knowledge of the subject and 100% focused on your interests and the negotiation of the same.

All legal aspects to be considered both in the sale and acquisition of the property, as well as in the financing, will be taken into account. Always with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Furthermore, as we are a multidisciplinary firm, we can not only advise you on the purchase and sale, but we can also resolve any issues related to taxation.

Tenancy agreements: housing lawyers

The Diana Díaz team negotiates all types of lease agreements for all types of properties and premises (commercial premises, offices, industrial buildings, premises in shopping centres…) as well as hotel management and lease agreements, among others.

In addition, and in connection with the organisation of real estate complexes, our firm can offer personalised advice in Spanish, English and German on the establishment of condominium regimes and real estate complexes in leisure centres and hotel complexes.

Furthermore, our extensive experience in the world of negotiation will play an added value in the negotiation of all the legal documents necessary to achieve your objectives.

Foreign investment and the hotel world

At Diana Díaz we advise on competitive processes of ordinary purchase and sale, sale & lease back operations, hotel sales and purchases, foreign investment, purchase and sale of properties under construction and formard-funding, as well as the regularisation of real estate portfolios for subsequent sale or for the optimisation of assets.

As an office located in Palma de Mallorca, we have first-hand knowledge of the opportunities offered by the island. Always with the competitive advantage of offering our legal services in Spanish, English and German.

We know first-hand the opportunities Mallorca has to offer.

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