Diana Diaz Asociados

Tax & accounting lawyers in Palma de Mallorca

Legal services in tax & administrative law with presence in Palma de Mallorca and assistance throughout Spain. We provide our legal services in Spanish, English and German.

Whether you are self-employed, a private individual, an entrepreneur or an established company, good tax advice is essential to save money and headaches. At Diana Díaz Asociados we provide tax advice and accounting management in Spanish, English and German.

Good tax advice saves us stress and money because it gives us security and confidence.

At Diana Díaz Asociados we have the necessary team to meet your tax requirements. We take care of everything your project may need.

Tax & accounting consultancy services

At Diana Díaz Asociados we will take all the necessary steps to defend your tax interests with the utmost confidentiality.

At Diana Diaz Asociados we work on the following matters related to tax and accounting, both for individuals and companies.

We will comply with the fiscal requirements of your project. Save money and headaches

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